Atlas Collectif - Running Diaries #2 - John Molina aka NVTZR



Mexico City - June 2023


We had the pleasure of chatting with our ambassador, John Molina aka NVTZR, a dedicated runner and sneaker head from Mexico City! We followed him through his early morning routine in Mexico City and asked some questions about his running journey!

Atlas Collectif Mexico - NVTZR & Chalo Films
Mexico City - June 2023

Q: Tell us about yourself!

NVTZR: I'm a 35-year-old guy from Mexico City. Married with twins (boys) and a baby girl. I'm an amateur runner and a self-proclaimed "running sneaker head." I obsess over collecting and trying out cool running shoes. Running fashion, creating stylish kits for my runs, exploring the latest running gadgets and gear are also my passions.

Atlas Collectif Mexico - NVTZR & Chalo Films
Q: What sparked your passion for running, and when did you start?

NVTZR: I started running because my stepfather ran marathons. At around 20 years old, I was quite the partygoer. He invited me to run the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010. Naively, I thought it would be easy since he was older and out of shape. I didn't train much, and the second half of the marathon was terrible. Despite hating it, I experienced something extraordinary during the race – my first "runner's high." The following year, my stepfather invited me to run the NYC Marathon. This time, I trained a bit more and finished in 4 hours and 30 minutes. The incredible feeling I had when entering Central Park hooked me on running forever.

Atlas Collectif Mexico - NVTZR & Chalo Films
Q: How has running positively impacted your physical and mental well-being?

NVTZR: Running has transformed me as a person, both physically and mentally. It's my daily morning boost, setting me up for the day ahead. Often, I solve problems or find temporary escape while running. My mood is noticeably better on days when I've run.

Q: With many fitness activities to choose from, what made you pick running?

NVTZR: I've always been involved in sports, playing hockey for 16 years and later exploring the gym and CrossFit. But running is different. It's simple and provides a unique inner journey. The rush I feel after each run makes me want more; it's liberating.

Atlas Collectif Mexico - NVTZR & Chalo Films
Q: Running is known to teach valuable life lessons. Can you share some insights on what running has taught you personally?

NVTZR: Running has taught me humility, consistency, and perseverance.

Q: Everyone has memorable moments in their running journey. Can you share a significant achievement or lesson learned from a failure?

NVTZR: There are countless memorable moments, from the daily post-workout rush to building a global community of runners. Even bad races teach you valuable lessons and contribute to personal growth. One unforgettable moment was completing the London Marathon in 2022. After a knee surgery in May, I doubted I could make it to the race in October. But I did, and the experience was about more than just finishing. I felt free, grateful to my body, God, and life itself.

Atlas Collectif Mexico - NVTZR & Chalo Films
Q: What upcoming milestones or races are you training for, and what excites you about these endeavors?

NVTZR: I'm two marathons away from completing the World Marathon Majors after already running Chicago, Berlin, and London. Tokyo and Boston are next on my list. Once I achieve that, I'll likely venture into ultras. Recently, I ran the TSP with my friends from Clique Running Club, and it opened my eyes to a whole new level of running.

Q: Any tips or advice for beginners starting their running journey?

NVTZR: First, never compare yourself to others. Running is a personal sport. Second, prioritize stretching and strength training to avoid injuries and maintain longevity in the sport. And always be kind to others.

Atlas Collectif Mexico - NVTZR & Chalo Films
Q: As a brand ambassador for running gear, what qualities or features do you look for in the gear you use?

NVTZR: Running shoes and gear are my thing (Laughing)! It's one of the things I enjoy the most. I'm always acquiring new stuff, researching specifications, trying them out, and seeking new features and innovations.
Of course, comfort and advanced technology are important to me. However, if I find myself running and constantly thinking about the gear, whether it's chafing or restricted movement, then it's not good enough.
Another aspect I appreciate is the ability to identify with the gear, to express myself through it. Nowadays, brands are blending sport and fashion, which is exactly what I am looking for!

Q: When you think of Atlas Collectif, what three words immediately come to mind?
  1. Worldwide Crew
  2. Peace
  3. Good Vibes

Thank you for the interview John and a big shout out to Chalo Films for the beautiful pictures and documentation.

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