P.O.V Running diaries - ep.04 ANDRE

Today, we meet Andre, a coach at The Lab Studios, a unique Dubai based holistic gym encompassing strength, cycling, and running. Andre shares his personal journey into running and his ambitious goal of conquering a marathon.

Dubai, UAE - March 2024

Q: Introduce yourself!

My name is Andre, I’m 29 years old from Luton, England just I’ve been in Dubai for 18 months but still feel like I’m I’m brand new to the city.

Q: What are you doing at the lab studios?

ANDRE:As a strength and conditioning coach at The Lab Studios, I focus on incorporating running into holistic training programs.

Q: What Ignited Your Passion for Sports and Running??

NAZZ: My journey started as the "sporty one" at school. The passion for health and fitness led me to choose it as my career.

Q: Any notable running achievements or memorable races you'd like to share?

ANDRE: While initially skeptical about long-distance running affecting my bodybuilding progress, I discovered it added a dynamic aspect to my training.

Q: Valuable Lessons from Your Running Experience?

ANDRE: Running instilled discipline, emphasizing that every stride is a conscious choice. Despite fatigue, boredom, or the option to quit, you push forward.

Q: Your Next Aspiration and Challenge?

ANDRE: Having participated in fitness events like Hyrox, Spartan Race, and Turf Games, my next challenge is to test my long-distance mentality with a full marathon.

Q: Essentials in Running Gear: Quality Matters?

ANDRE: For running gear, a supportive pair of trainers with a cushioned sole is crucial. Additionally, a running vest is a must to avoid the hassle of holding items, leaving room for essentials like snacks during your run.

Thank you for sharing, Andre!

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